Getting engaged is crazy exciting. It’s a huge moment in your lives, as well as the start of a major project: planning your wedding! Before you get carried away, make sure you’re starting everything off on the right foot. Here are four things to avoid doing right after that ring is slipped on your finger.

Avoid posting on social media.
It’s totally tempting to snap a ring pic and plaster “He asked, and I said yes!” all over your social profiles, but try and time it right. Before anything goes on your Instagram, call your parents, siblings, and close friends. That way the surprise won’t be ruined when your sparkler pops up on their feed, and there won’t be any hurt feelings among those who should really hear the news straight from you.

Avoid picking a date before you’ve checked with your families.
The last thing you want to find out when you’ve chosen a wedding date is that your best friend (or your mom!) can’t make it, so don’t mark the calendar just yet. Think about what season you’d like to be married in, or even narrow it down to a six- to eight-week period. Then, talk to your VIPs to see which dates should be taken off the list, whether it’s your little brother’s graduation or that trip to Africa that your fiancé’s parents have been planning for months. Once you have all those unavailable dates marked, choose one that you know your most important guests will be able to attend.