How to Handle Bridesmaid Regret

Photograph Getty Images You were on a gnarly and all-natural engagement high when you asked your best friends to be bridesmaids in your wedding (yay!), but now you're wondering if you were actually high at the time because all of a sudden you're seriously regretting...

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A Few Key Things to Avoid When You First Get Engaged

Getting engaged is crazy exciting. It’s a huge moment in your lives, as well as the start of a major project: planning your wedding! Before you get carried away, make sure you’re starting everything off on the right foot. Here are four things to avoid doing right...

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Choosing the Perfect Theme for Your Wedding

Choosing the theme for your wedding is a very personal thing that the couple should do between themselves. Sure, you consider your guests and what they might want, but ultimately, the choice of a theme should always be something you are both agree on. A theme can be...

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Maid of Honor Etiquette Every Bestie Needs to Know

Photograph by: Lauren Methia Photography The maid of honor has a big role, as well as a lot of responsibilities. Whether you’ve already accepted the role or know a MOH invitation is coming, there are a few things every best friend needs to know before heading down the...

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