Choosing the theme for your wedding is a very personal thing that the couple should do between themselves. Sure, you consider your guests and what they might want, but ultimately, the choice of a theme should always be something you are both agree on. A theme can be anything from the use of a single or number of colours right through to an entirely overriding look or feel to the day. But how do you choose the perfect theme for your wedding?

Hobbies and interests

One of the best sources of inspiration for your wedding theme are hobbies and interests. Whether these are shared interests or something that one of you loves and the other one is happy with doesn’t matter, as long as you both think it is the right theme for your wedding.

For some people, this can be a shared interest in a sport or activity. Or it might be a style of art, type of music or even a certain cuisine. A love for the fashion of a certain era or a particular style might be a great inspiration for a wedding – and lead to some unique luxury wedding themes too!

Using the venue to choose

There are two approaches when it comes with theme and venue – you can let the theme choose the venue or vice versa. For example, if you both fell in love with a historic hotel and want to get married there, then you might want to go for a theme that fits in with the location. An ultra-modern look might not fit in with that type of venue.