Alternatively, if you have a theme in mind, then you might pick the venue based around this. For that ultra-modern look, you might want to opt for a new, state of the art hotel. Or you might want to go for a coastal venue if you want a beach themed wedding.

Choose from a favourite

Sometimes you just can’t seem the find ‘it’ – the perfect theme. Then looking at what other people have used can give you inspiration. For instance, some of the most popular themes for weddings include the beach, vintage, western, romantic, oriental, seasonal, retro or sports. While you might not want to go with one of these themes, it can give you the inspiration to find the right thing that will suit you both.

Go with the colours

Sometimes the perfect theme is just something as simple as a palette of colours that call out to you both and can be used in all the little touches. You don’t have to have a formal theme to your wedding and instead can simply use colours to unite everything – touches such as the groom’s tie, the flowers, the table decorations and the invites can all be based on one or a set of colours.

If you love a certain colour and aren’t sure what other shades work with it, then there are some handy tools on the internet to help you understand colour. These can recommend three, four or even five shades that match, contrast or complement your favourite shade for your own unique colour palette.