Avoid planning before you’ve set a budget.
You may want to start planning right away, but the worst thing you can do for your budget is sign a contract or make a purchase before you know how much money you actually have available. Talk to your fiancé (and your parents, if they’re contributing) to determine exactly what your budget is, then start prioritizing it so you don’t end up with a venue rental worth 70 percent of everything you can spend.

Avoid sharing details before you’ve made a guest list.
To escape hurting anyone’s feelings, keep the talk about your actual wedding to a minimum until you’ve decided who will and won’t be invited. Sure, you can tell your proposal story as many times as you’d like, but stay mum on sharing the date, location, or any fun tidbits. That way your office bestie won’t get her hopes up and then have her feelings wounded when you decide she’s not making the cut.