10 Ways to Save on your Wedding Budget

Dec 06 , 2020

10 Ways to Save on your Wedding Budget

With a handful of tips and an open mind when it comes to being creative and occasionally compromising, anyone can quite easily plan their dream wedding. Stretching your budget is so much simpler than you might have been led to believe and once you get the hang of how to save here and there, you might just find that you have more money for other things, like your wedding venue or your honeymoon.

To get you started on your saving spree, here are our 10 ways to save your wedding budget.

1.Ditch the invitation

Spending a small fortune on paper printed save the date invitations and the accompanying postal fees is no longer necessary, especially when you are looking for a way to cut corners on your budget. Consider switching to a digital invitation, perhaps even a video. It can still be personalised and special.

2. Go customisable

If you’re not keen on the digital invitation, you can instead go for a printable invitation that can be customisable but not necessarily 100% custom. There are plenty of DIY invitations available on the web. You won’t need any special skills to alter them and you won’t need to hire a designer.

3. Just stick to your budget

So many couples get caught up in their planning and happily overspend, only to experience the stress later on. By being completely dedicated to only spending what you’ve decided you can afford, you can save.

4. Talk to your vendors

The magic of wedding planning can have you swooning over every single vendor you meet. The problem with this is that you might not be getting the best deals because you don’t even think of asking. Chat to your vendors and ask about specials and whether or not they can reduce prices.

5. Check for hidden charges

Things like permit fees and other unsuspecting charges are probably all listed in your contracts, but when you are rushing or not completely focused, you might end up missing hidden costs that you could have otherwise avoided. Double check each contact you get.

6. Choose a less popular time of the year

Off season weddings are often cheaper than those hosted at a more popular time of the year. If the date on which you have your wedding makes no difference to your plans, choose an unconventional season or an unconventional date. It will only make your wedding that little bit more memorable.

7. Don’t go 100% local

We all know how important it is to support our local community but when you are on a tight budget or you are looking for ways to cut a few corners, you should give yourself permission to source the best prices, even if they are not in your area.

8. Scale back the gifts

Wedding favours are a beautiful way to thank your guests for joining you in the celebration of your love. You don’t have to go over the top though. Just a small gift, like a nice bottle of wine and a personal note should suffice.

9. DIY

As much as you reasonably can, DIY your décor and even some of your flower arrangements. You’ll save a fortune and Pinterest is full of great ideas that are easy to put together.

10. Have a photo booth

DIY photos for your main portraits is not a good idea, but you don’t need a catalogue of professional photos of every wedding guest, every flower, and every other aspect of your day. Get a decent Polaroid (there are some really affordable options out there), and let your guests have fun documenting the day for you.