5 Wedding Cake Traditions and Meanings

Jan 28 , 2021

5 Wedding Cake Traditions and Meanings

What is a wedding day without a scrumptious wedding cake? As a part of the busy wedding planning, finding a beautiful cake which matches the theme of the day and is filled with the flavours that you both love is one of the most important things that you need to tick off of your wedding checklist.

When you are selecting your cake, it is important that the cake reflects a little bit of who you are as a couple, especially as a lot of the meanings behind the cake are symbolic of your union while there are also a few traditions that are just for your guests.

Cutting the cake

In a gesture that once symbolised the loss of a bride’s virginity, the cutting of the cake is now meant to symbolise the first thing that a bride and groom do together as a married couple. The cutting of the cake is also an activity that also makes for quite the photo opportunity.

Feeding each other cake

This tradition generally follows the cake cutting. The bride and the groom feeding each other a small piece of the wedding cake is a rather sweet and gentle gesture and it is said to symbolise commitment and love.

Recently the tradition evolved somewhat and some couples smash the cake into their partner’s face. Unless you have agreed to do this prior to the wedding, it is best to avoid this practice as it can be seen as malicious and rude.

Keeping the top tier

A lovely tradition that many couples do is to save the top tier of their wedding cake to be eaten on their first anniversary or when their first child is born. Saving the cake for the christening of the first child is not quite as popular these days because many couples are waiting a few years before having their first baby, and by the time their bundle comes along, the cake is spoiled.

The only way you can save the top tier is if the cake has no mouse, cream or fresh fruits. So if this is a tradition you want to follow, consider having a fruit cake as your top tier.

Sleeping with a piece under a pillow

This tradition is not for the bride and groom.

It used to be believed that someone wanting to find a partner should sleep with a piece of wedding cake under their pillow. The cake would make them dream of their partner, and so it would make finding said partner that little bit easier. 

If you want to replicate this 300 year old tradition you could always include a tiny version of your cake in your thank you gifts, which your guests can use to dream of their future spouse. This way, there will be less mess!

Baked in wedding charms

This is one tradition that is no longer used but if you want to have something unique on your wedding day, you can add charms to your cake. Popular charms include hearts to symbolise love, rings to symbolise engagements, flowers for new love, and a horseshoe or clover for good luck. Whichever your guests get would then be a foretelling of sorts for their future. Just be sure to warn your guests before you serve the cake, as biting into a charm would be a most unpleasant surprise.

Photograph Credit: Maytree Photography