5 Wedding Dress Trends for the Rest of 2021

Jul 11 , 2021

5 Wedding Dress Trends for the Rest of 2021

Unlike 2020 that put a real damper on the wedding dress industry and the creative designs that new brides had to look forward to trying on, 2021 has revived the fashion world and brought out a whole host of gorgeous wedding dresses.

Those brides that had to their nuptials on hold in the past year have likely re-thought their ideas of everything related to their big day.

Many brides have become more minimalist in their wedding planning and expectations while others have had the opportunity to save up some money to have an even bigger celebration.

Whether or not you are the kind of bride who loves to be on trend with her fashion, or if you are the type of woman who doesn’t mind making a splash by wearing something a little unconventional, these 5 wedding dress trends might just be that dose of inspiration that you are looking for.

  1. Dual Purpose

Just because it is worn for a wedding doesn’t mean your dress needs to only have this one time use. One of the big trends at the moment leans towards the sustainable culture that is gripping the fashion world.

The dual purpose type of wedding gown is designed to be that all-eyes-on-you type of dress while it can also be worn again after the big day without it looking like an obvious wedding gown.

  1. Brave Bride

Even before the pandemonium of the past year, modern brides are looking beyond conventional designs and colours, daring to be different with their wedding gown option. With this trend, brides can unleash their inner selves and embrace the possibility of wearing anything they’d like as a wedding outfit, no matter how outlandish it might be.

  1. A Personal Touch

Weddings have become smaller, and since many couples have had extra time to think about what they want, they often end up adding a special, personal touch to the clothing they wear. Brides are getting creative with flowers and décor, and finding new ways to express themselves.

  1. Dress for Two Weddings

The past year has seen the rise of the dual wedding. Couples are having smaller nuptials, with plans to host bigger celebrations later on, when the restrictions around the size of wedding parties are lifted. So buying a dress that will do for both parties, or which can be tweaked to suit the occasion, is all the rage right now.

  1. Fantasy Wedding

When the pandemic is over, there will be lots of cause for celebration and what better way to do just that than with a fantasy, over the top type wedding dress. It’s not a huge trend right now, but it is definitely predicted to be within the next year or so.