5 Winter Wedding Mistakes Couples Make

Jun 19 , 2022

5 Winter Wedding Mistakes Couples Make

5 Winter Wedding Mistakes Couples Make

Although we do not deal with snowy winters in most parts of South Africa, when planning your winter wedding you still need to be a bit savvy about the decisions you make, so that your big day goes ahead without a weather-related hitch.

Winter weddings are not ideal for everyone, but they absolutely have their allure. Cosy warm evening receptions, caped wedding gowns, and big hearty meals that leave the family and friends' bellies all warmed up is the magic these weddings hold. And just like any other seasonally inspired wedding, planning will be the most important thing you do in the run-up to your day.

When planning, you can follow all the tips and tricks down to a T and still end up falling into a trap. So, to help you navigate your arrangements this winter, here are 5 winter wedding mistakes that most couples make, but you can now avoid.

1. Not preparing your guests

Given the fact that most of South Africa enjoys bright and sunny winter weather, most winter weddings are outdoor occasions. For this reason, some guests end up not wearing appropriate clothing, believing that since they are sitting outside, they will be in the sun and will not get the chills. To prevent the chances of a cold breaking out, when sending out the invites, add a note about what weather they can expect on the day. You do not have to be precise, just remind people to dress warmly.

2. Not including some indoor photos

The standard for wedding photography is the dreamy outdoor session, surrounded by nature and sunlight. But given the season, you should consider adding some warm indoor shots. Not everyone does this, and as such, they miss a huge opportunity to have something different in their wedding day memories.

3. Not making the most of the daylight

In winter, the sun sets later than usual. This is certainly something to consider when you are looking at an afternoon wedding. You will want to take advantage of the daylight hours, especially when it comes to your photos. That is why you should either make your wedding earlier in the day or think about doing a pre-wedding first look and photos.

4. Assuming the wedding venue will be cheap

Some only plan a winter wedding because they hope that it will be cheaper than a summer one. However, the reality of things is that you are more likely to end up paying about the same amount of money, regardless of which season you plan for. Especially if you plan to have your wedding at a winter venue that is quite popular during the colder months.

5. Not dressing warmly yourself

The most popular wedding gowns are usually those that are made for summer and many brides choose a summer-like wedding gown for their winter wedding. This is all fine and well, so long as you do a little preparation. If it is possible, consider wearing a layering undergarment beneath your dress, and consider getting a dress that comes with a cape or sleeves. You can also add a stylish coat for the cooler evening reception, because wearing a coat is a definite look that anyone and everyone can pull off.