Bridal Fashion through the Ages

Apr 26 , 2020

Bridal Fashion through the Ages

Bridal gown designers draw inspiration from anything that sparks their creative genius. Over the years, their designs have been influenced by society, pop culture and ancient tradition, and we still see their unique style sneak into gowns to this day.

From the loose fitting designs of the early 1900s to the tight fitting dresses of today, this is how wedding dresses have evolved through the ages.


Conservative and what we call would call traditional, these wedding gowns featured loads of layers, long sleeves and a high neckline, all to conserve the modesty of the age. Weddings would have also been more traditional, and, of course, religious.


The 1920s were well known for their daring fashion that in the years before were absolutely unheard of. Wedding gowns of the 1920s featured beads, a shorter length, and a drop waist. Brides would also be more daring with their makeup.


By the 1930s, Hollywood was starting to gain worldwide attention, and the glamour of that age served as inspiration for brides the world over. Brides opted for dramatic statins and layer upon layer of lace, along with striking flower bouquets.


During the war years, fabrics were hard to come by and brides had to make do with what they could get. This means that DIY and budget gowns became the norm, with a minimalist style being quite the fashion statement for the era.


The age of austerity over, brides could unleash their creativity once again. Gowns in the 1950s were absolutely extravagant, with brides going for the ball gown design with sweet heart necklines and short veils.


The 60s were characterised as the hippie era, and dresses were light and funky. Gone were the dresses with trains, and in were the short hemlines, the cupped sleeves and the tiny bouquets.


When the 70s rolled in, brides were still into the simple designs. Taking inspiration from the 1910s, brides opted for high necklines and replaced thick sleeves with sheer fabrics, adding some mystery and some glamour to their look.


Today when we think about the 80s, we think of Princess Diana and her over the top gown that seemed to set the wedding dress trends for the decade. Full veils, with a long train, full, wide skirts, and the shoulder pads that defined fashion in the 80s, all made their mark in the bridal gown world.


These years were all about fashion, with supermodels and design houses becoming mainstream, household names. Slim, minimalist wedding gowns, with little to no embellishments were popular and considered the height of sophistication.

The 2000s

Simple designs with only a hint of lace here and there have seemingly stay around since the 1990s but trends these days also include the occasional voluminous skirt, sheer fabrics on the sleeve, and statement veils. Illusion necklines and the figure hugging bodice are also a popular design feature seen in modern bridal fashion.