Celebrating Eternal Love at Casablanca Manor

Jan 04 , 2020

Celebrating Eternal Love at Casablanca Manor

Anytime an opportunity comes our way, especially the type that is guaranteed to unleash our creative flair, we like to grab onto it and make the most of a fashionably fun affair. In the past year, many shoots have stood out as memorable. But when we had the chance to feature 3 romantic, timeless dresses from our collections in a photo shoot at the Casablanca Manor, a popular wedding venue in the picturesque Magaliesburg Range, Pretoria, it was to become one of the highlights of our year.

The Casablanca Manor is in part named after the famous movie of the same name. The manor is also inspired by the town of Casablanca, with décor and design being styled after this Moroccan town, and the Casablanca Lily which symbolises a “Gift from Above”.

Inspired by the old school Hollywood glamour of the movie, the otherworldly style of the town and the soft touch of the lily combined, a creative team came together to fashion a dreamy wedding scene. To bring this passionate love story to life, the models for the occasion were Anél and Dewald Wasserfal, who had wed at the manor. Beyond the glamour of the wedding mock-up, Anél and Dewald had the chance to relive their special day, while draped in some of the most exquisite wedding attire.

Anél had her wedding gowns selected and fit to perfection by Lena and Barbara from The Bridal House. With their attention to detail and the keen ability to easily see which style best suits a bride, they selected three wedding dresses that complimented Anél’s svelte figure and captured the Hollywood vibe that the shoot was looking encapsulate.

The dresses were selected for their sheer elegance and timeless styles. They would have been picture perfect in the Casablanca time setting and when paired with understated jewellery and the brides very own quirky style, the shoot quickly came to life with laid back laughter and plenty of fun characterising the day. Seeing the chemistry between the couple and being a part of the creative process was in many ways rewarding, as it is not every day that we get to be there when the bride and groom are all dolled up.

The final outcome was a breath taking collection of photographs and a beaming couple who fell further in love…if that is possible for a couple who are already so in love.