Guide to Having your Dream Wedding and Being Eco-conscious

Oct 26 , 2021

Guide to Having your Dream Wedding and Being Eco-conscious

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Getting your dream wedding should not come at the expense of the environment. And yet every year, an alarming amount of waste is produced because of weddings and other celebratory events. From plastic cups and plates to balloons and confetti, weddings can be a picture of both happiness and excess. Fortunately, you can get one without the other. Here are eight tips on how to get your dream wedding while still respecting the environment.

Stick With Biodegradables

Disposable utensils and serve ware are perhaps the biggest category of waste that you'll find at a wedding. Switching from traditional plastic to biodegradable alternatives is a great way to host an eco-friendly wedding, especially if you have hundreds of people to feed. Biodegradable plastic items can fully break down in a few years or less, which is significantly shorter than traditional plastic products. Check lifestyle blogs and social medial channels to find wedding-grade biodegradable supplies.

Partner With the Right Vendors

Another easy way to plan an eco-conscious wedding is to work with like-minded vendors and professionals. Wedding planners who share their sense of duty to the environment should receive higher priority. This level of consideration should also be extended to caterers, party suppliers, entertainers, and so on. Check their website or social media pages to see if they also share the same passion for preserving the environment.

Choose the Right Venue

Pick a sustainable venue managed by people who reinvest profits into maintaining the land and the flora and fauna that live in it. Luxury resorts run by corporations don't always have environmental sustainability and habitat protection in mind when they make decisions regarding day-to-day operations. Eco-friendly venues will have strict sustainability practices including banning single-use plastics within the premises, using renewable energy sources to power the facility and funding environmental projects, i.e. reforestation and wildlife conservation efforts.

Limit Your Guest List

It's your special day and you want everyone special in your's and your partner's life to be there to witness the once-in-a-lifetime event. Although you might feel obliged to invite everyone until your guest list reaches the 100s, bigger events tend to produce more waste. Limit your guest list to only close friends and family members and perhaps a +1 for each. According to a wedding study in 2019, average wedding guest list numbers are starting to dwindle to a few dozen. People now have different terms for them, including minimizes and micro weddings.

Minimize Drive Time

Be strategic about where you decide to get married and where you hold the reception afterward. If the two locations are far apart, that means you and your guests have to drive to your wedding reception, which means a higher carbon footprint.

Promote Eco-Friendly Fashion

Fashion choices are another way to show your support for the environment. Eco-friendly fashion is becoming increasingly popular, with zero-waste dresses and suits from clothing brands, such as Fame & Partners. In addition to eco-friendly fashion, you can also rent wedding outfits instead of buying them. Renting isn't just an eco-friendly option but also a cheaper one. Wedding dresses and suits are often only worn once before being discarded; paying thousands of dollars for them simply doesn't make sense from a practical viewpoint.

Know Where to Get Your Florals

Similar to renting wedding fashionwear, you can also rent plants for your wedding. Rather than buy your bouquets, rent sustainably sourced floral arrangements and greens from local florists that practice sustainability. Not only are you helping the environment, but you're also helping local businesses thrive.

Choose a Healthy Menu

The food you serve at your wedding reception can also be tactically chosen to help curb environmental damage. Raised salmon, for instance, comes from farms that cause significant environmental damage including releasing toxins into natural water systems. Help curb pesticides and fish feces by choosing sustainably farmed salmon. The same can be said for your poultry-based dishes. Even better, go for a vegetarian or vegan menu.


Use these aforementioned tips to get your dream wedding, save money for your new life as a couple, and help create a better and cleaner environment for your new family. As a final tip, use recycled stationery paper for drafting your wedding plans and creating your invitations to minimize paper waste.

Author: Becca Meyers 
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