What to Wear to a Wedding: Your Quick Outfit Guide

Dec 17 , 2019

What to Wear to a Wedding: Your Quick Outfit Guide

In the run up to any wedding, you’d be wrong to think that it is only the bride and groom fretting over the outfits they’ll be wearing. Deciding what to wear to a wedding is never quite as easy as it seems. All weddings are different, and finding the right dress (or suit) is a time consuming, sometimes anxiety inducing mission.

Along with having to find the perfect ensemble, there are certain rules, 2 of which you are possibly familiar with, that guests are expected to adhere when planning their outfit:

  1. It is generally frowned upon for guests to wear white to any kind of wedding. White and cream colours are reserved for the bride and her bridal party.
  2. While many weddings these days take place outside of places of worship, if the wedding you are attending is religious, you should cover your shoulders (a jacket or a shawl will generally do), and the dress should have a respectable hemline. For the men, shorts are a big no-no and a suit is preferred.

Dressing for the Occasion

The dress code will usually be included on the invitation and while the rules above are pretty uniform for most weddings, what you wear to a bohemian wedding will certainly look a whole lot different to what you wear for a black tie occasion.

Informal weddings

Light colours are usually the go to for informal day time weddings, as darker fabrics can look a little too dramatic. Sequins and any other type of sparkly material is also far more suitable for the evening. You’ll also want to avoid anything too revealing. And while the invitation might say informal, this is not the time to wear your favourite jeans.

Maxi dresses with flats are without a doubt a favourite for informal evening weddings. This style never goes out of fashion, and there are all sorts of patterns and colours to choose from. In the evening, as opposed to the day, black is appropriate.

Semi-Formal Weddings

The perfect in-between style, semi-formal weddings allow guests to get a little more dolled up without having to pay out a fortune for a fancy dress. During the day, cocktail dresses, heels, and fashionable slacks are great options. The same applies for evening dos, and a little black dress will not be out of place.

Formal Weddings

These are those “event of the year” type weddings, so you’ll want to put your best foot forward in something classy and sophisticated. Long evening dresses, trendy jumpsuits and gorgeous cocktail dresses paired with beautiful accessories and a pair of heels are the usual go to styles.