How to Handle Bridesmaid Regret

Aug 05 , 2019

How to Handle Bridesmaid Regret

You were on a gnarly and all-natural engagement high when you asked your best friends to be bridesmaids in your wedding (yay!), but now you’re wondering if you were actually high at the time because all of a sudden you’re seriously regretting one or more of your bridesmaid choices, ugh. What’s a conflicted gal to do now?

Well, it all depends. One thing is for sure though, you’ve got some tough conversations ahead but nothing you can’t handle. With a little bit of help from the pros we’ll guide you right through it so not to worry.

Make a decision as soon as possible
Should they stay or should they go? Jen Glantz, author of Always a Bridesmaid (For Hire), recommends deciding early on what you’d like to do.

“If you want them to stay, then you need to leave out the drama from your wedding experience and also maybe leave them out of plans they don’t want to be a part of or just aren’t up for joining.” If you want them to go, she suggests having a sit down talk with them ASAP.

“Chat with them about how this isn’t really working out and the whole bridesmaid thing is hurting your friendship. It’s up to you to decide if you can ignore a bridesmaid that’s just not showing up or if you want to deal with it, even if that means another layer of wedding drama.

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