Post Lockdown Wedding Tips

Oct 01 , 2020

Post Lockdown Wedding Tips

Lockdown is over. Sort of. With the country opening up once more, and wedding season in full swing, planning a post lockdown wedding is going to require a little bit more than your usual wedding planning.

After all we have been through, now is the best time to celebrate love and life, but although weddings are back on, it is understandable that there might be some hesitancy around planning your nuptials. To help ease your worries, and to give you some great advice that you can use to keep you and your loved ones safe and healthy, we’re sharing a few post lockdown wedding tips.

  1. Trim your guest list

If you’ve always dreamed of a small, intimate wedding, now is the time to plan just that. Currently, the regulations are allowing up to 50% of the venue’s capacity, which might mean narrowing down your guest list to just close friends and family. Your guests will certainly understand if they don’t get an invitation, given the circumstances. Besides, you can always consider streaming your wedding.

  1. Safety first

To make sure that you and your guests are safe throughout the day, make sure that the necessary health and safety procedures in place, such as seating guests a little more apart than usual, and providing hand sanitizer.

  1. Re-Budget

The year has given everyone a shake financially, so you might have to re-think your budget. Luckily, the wedding industry is home to some of the nicest, and most creative people, so even if you have to compromise on certain things by limiting your budget, there are those in the industry who will do their best to help you have the wedding you want.

  1. Change your venue

One of the wedding trends for 2020 is to opt for a smaller venue, with many couples even choosing to get married at home or in their (or a member of their family’s) garden. Not only does this save money, but it makes the wedding so much more intimate. You’ll also have the most unique wedding photos if you decide to do this. 

  1. Add a note to the invite

There is no point ignoring that we are living in strange times. Rather than have guests feeling awful about cancelling at the last minute, let them know that should they feel unwell on or before the wedding day, that it is okay to not attend. It would be wise to actually encourage those who are coming down with something to rather send their apologies and focus on getting better.