The Biggest Wedding Dress Trends to Expect in 2021

Nov 21 , 2020

The Biggest Wedding Dress Trends to Expect in 2021

The wedding dress trends that are expected to rule bridal fashion in 2021 look to bring back retro elegance, with their contemporary twist on vintage couture. 

To give you a glimpse into what to expect when you go shopping for your dress, we’re giving you a peek into some of the design elements you are likely to come across. 


We are almost certain to see light shades of pinks, blues, yellows and purples, as colourful wedding dresses start taking centre stage. This playful trend will be quite the surprise to guests who are not expecting such a whimsical display from the bride. 

Instead of going with bolder colours, the pastel shades are the more glamorous alternative and will suit the personalities of all kinds of brides, even those who might have otherwise never considered having a gown with a light splash of colour. 


In a nod to the traditional bridal gowns that have become so beloved, we should expect to see more dresses that have eye-catching trains, cathedral veils, or a complementary combination of the two. This almost theatrical design is just the thing for the New Year, when celebrations will be in order and extravagance once more welcomed.


But not your usual lace. 2021 will be the year that we see less vintage lace and more of something that leans towards utter extravagance. The dresses should still have that classic look in terms of the design, but the way in which the lace is used, as well as the design of the lace, is going to be a lot more attention grabbing. 

It is not likely that lace will ever fall out of favour in bridal fashion, and it will always have that really romantic look about it, regardless of the design that it covers. 


One trend that we have not seen in the mainstream bridal fashion world for a while is the cape. Cover-ups and capes are elegant, gentle and they are the perfect veil replacement. If you are planning an autumn or winter wedding, a cape or a full cover-up will be a warm and welcome addition to the wedding gown. 


Highly detailed sleeves are likely to be making quite the dramatic re-entrance in 2021. Expect to see big and puffy sleeves, similar to the style that dominated part of the 80s, as well as chic and elegant sleeves, adorned with buttons or faux pearls. 

Floaty sleeves are also to be expected, especially on more boho inspired gowns. Sleeves on a gown are more than a fashion statement, they are a fantastic way to showcase personality while adding that touch of chic to the occasion. 

Unique necklines 

Strapless gowns will still be popular, but so will ultra-unique high neck designs, which will be used to create a more modest and classy look for those brides who are in search of a gown that is a little unconventional while still being sophisticated. 

Backs and Bows 

All eyes are going to be on the back of the wedding dress, with statement bows and beautifully embellished low cut designs becoming the new focus of attention. What’s wonderful about this trend, is that a bow can be added to just about any dress, giving it that creative touch. 



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