Things you never thought you’d need on your wedding day

May 06 , 2022

Things you never thought you’d need on your wedding day

All brides to be who have spent any amount of time flipping through the pages of their favourite bridal magazine, or scouring the pages of the web, in the run up to their wedding day have probably created a list of all the things she thinks she will need on the day. But these lists are often a repeat of the same old things, things that the bride has probably either already heard of before or thought about herself. 

While there are those more conventional things that you will need on the day, it is the finer details that are often not thought about. And it is exactly these sorts of things that when forgotten can make your day a little more chaotic and perhaps a little more stressful. 

As you are going through your list of wedding day preparations, and you’ve ticked off things like the flowers, the dress and the cake, make sure that you have added these extras, as they might just come in handy. 

  • A Beauty Bag 
  • Your makeup might not be done close to where you are getting married. And as you drive from wherever your makeup artist is meeting you, to your wedding venue, your makeup might need a touch up. Make sure that you ask your makeup artist for a couple of the products they have used, as well as some blotting paper, just in case you need to fix smudges or to improve the colours. 

  • Getting Ready Clothes 
  • A trend these days, for wedding photos, is to have the bride and her girls photographed as they are preparing for the excitement of the day ahead. The norm is to wear a silk dressing robe, or a matching set of robes. You will be comfortable, the photos will look great, and the wedding gown won’t be spoilt by the makeup. 

  • Extra Under Garments 
  • Snapping, ripping, breaking or stretching the underwear you’ve chosen for the day can be something that sends you into a flat spin and although it might seem unlikely to happen, it is always best to be prepared. To avoid the extra pressure and stress of having to run around looking for extra under garments, bring along an extra set. 

  • Print out your Timelines 
  • If you’ve planned out a grand wedding day, you are likely to have a time table of how the events of the day are going to unfold. To stay on top of things and to stop family and your bridal party from constantly asking what will come next, you should print out your timetable so it is available for those who ask for it. 

  • An Emergency Bag
  • Finally, you need to bring an emergency bag with things like extra deodorant, plasters, a small sewing kit, headache tablets, and something for heartburn. Hopefully you won’t need any of the things, but just in case you do, it is a good idea to have an emergency bag close at hand.