This is what we love about the wedding industry

Nov 16 , 2019

This is what we love about the wedding industry

And how we want to make a difference in the experience of our brides-to-be

The opportunity to be creative, meeting new people and being one of only a few who get the first glimpse of a beautiful bride who has just found “the one”, and by that we mean THE ONE. 

Each day in our boutique, we are surrounded by some of the most exquisite fabrics and designs. And each day we have the honour of assisting brides as they search through this selection of gowns, for the dress of their dreams. 

It is safe to say that we adore this industry, and this is why:

We get to be creative - Being able to flex our creative talents is something that we relish in and being able to work alongside other creatives, of which this industry has an abundance of, is something we don’t take for granted.

We enjoy the challenges – Every industry has its own challenges, but the wedding industry presents a unique range of problems which can begin in the boutique. When searching for a dress, the initial designs that a bride had in mind might not always work out but this is where we shine. We’ve worked with all kinds of brides and we know which designs, fabrics and colours will look best. So while we learn from these challenges, we conquer them with ease!

We love to meet new people – This is one of the best parts of the job. On what is one of the most exciting days of their lives, we get to meet brides from all walks of life. We go out of our way to create a truly special day, one which is relaxed and will become a memorable part of their lives.

We revel in the variety – Each new couple and each new bride is completely unlike the next. They have different tastes, expectations and personalities. We revel in tapping into this diversity and using it to create a personalised experience.

We have the chance to see brides blossom –Browsing through an immense selection of dresses can be stressful, especially if a bride is self-conscious. We’ve put numerous brides at ease during the process, and watched them bloom, radiating new confidence.   

We get to work in an industry which revolves around love – Honestly, is there anything better than spending each day surrounded by the warmth and glow of love? We are in the unique position of being able to bear witness to the pure bliss that each bride brings into our boutique.