Tips for the Groom

Mar 08 , 2020

Tips for the Groom

Just like the bride wants to look and feel her best on her wedding day, the groom also has certain hopes and expectations for the big day. Often, people forget that the groom is also under immense pressure to look their best, especially as the attention is usually lavished on the bride with the unsaid belief that the groom has his side completely under control.

The truth is that the groom is just as stressed out before their wedding day, and they also need some helpful tips that they can use in preparation. From making some time to spend with the guys, to indulging in a little skin care and relaxation, there are many ways for you, the man of the hour, to get ready.


The run up to your wedding is the perfect excuse to treat yourself to a little pampering. Even the groom deserves to indulge himself, and having a massage, a haircut and perhaps a mani-pedi (if that’s your kind of thing), are just a few of the things you can do to unwind while preparing for your wedding.

Have that guy’s night

It is important that during the run up to your wedding you have some guy time with your friends. Not only will this help to ease the nerves of your upcoming nuptials but it will also give you the opportunity to thank them for their help.

Buy gifts

It is a tradition to give your groomsmen (or groomswomen) a token gift to thank them for being there for you and celebrating your wedding with you.  Make sure that you buy the gifts well before the wedding day. The gift should be something your wedding party can treasure forever and perhaps you should consider buying the kind of gift that has meaning amongst your friends.

Your opinion matters

While your bride is busy putting together everything for the wedding, the groom is usually relegated to a minimal planning role, at least, that is what the media would like you to believe. The groom is entitled to play an important part in the planning and it is important that the groom knows this. Your opinion matters and if your partner really values you, they will consider you and your opinion in every decision they make.

Have some alone time

On the day of your wedding, things can pass in a bit of a blur.  You’ll be in a rush to prepare, you’ll be marrying the love of your life, you’ll be dancing the night away, and you’ll be surrounded by friends and family all wanting to have a chat with you. So taking sometime, perhaps before the ceremony, will give you a moment to take it all in.

Photo Credit: Maytree Photography