Tips to use when preparing for your wedding day

Dec 04 , 2019

Tips to use when preparing for your wedding day

No bride to be should be without these expert tips. 

Like most brides, you’ve probably searched online for useful tips in the run-up to your wedding day only to be presented with a minefield of information. Some tips are genuinely helpful, and like ours, written by experts who’ve seen it all, while other tips simply serve as stressful triggers that you really shouldn’t have to deal with.

Whether you feel cool, calm and collected, or should your mind be in a frantic frenzy of planning, you can use our 5 top tips while preparing for your wedding.  

Think about the weather 

Many guests have left wedding celebrations before the party has even started because they are either getting too hot or too cold. Whether it is a summer outdoor wedding with little to no shade or a winter wedding with no heating, guests who feel uncomfortable will not stay long. When planning, think about how you can add a little temperature control to your venue.

Cut down your guest list 

The days of inviting everyone to your wedding, from work acquaintances to old friends of your parents, are quite over. It is well-known that wining and dining guests is the biggest expense of any wedding, so don’t feel shy about cutting back the numbers to only those who matter. And don't feel bad for cutting the list; your wedding is about you and your partner, not about pleasing others.  

Plan logically

Take your planning one step at a time and do things logically. For instance, don’t order your cake before you have decided on your colour scheme. It is also important that you don’t try to do everything at once, you’ll only end up stressed and then you’ll probably miss something. You have time, so make the most of it by having a plan. A wedding is over in a day, but the emotional and financial effects can last far longer than that if things get out of hand. 

Create a list for your photographer

In the run-up to your wedding day, you will more than likely meet with your photographer a number of times to discuss your expectations. Make sure that during your meetings you create a list with them which includes the kind of shots you want to have in your album. This way, the photos will be better coordinated on the day.

Keep in mind why you are getting married 

It is easy to get carried away in planning, in avoiding family conflicts (this is a stressful and emotional time, it happens!) or in trying to make everyone happy. Always remember that your wedding is a celebration of the love and bond you have with your partner, and that is all that really matters. 

 Photograph Credit: Maytree Photography