Traditional Weddings meet the Virtual World

Jun 21 , 2021

Traditional Weddings meet the Virtual World

2020 saw us shopping online, socialising online and even hosting some of our most important business meetings in the virtual world. So it shouldn’t be too surprising that certain aspects of the wedding industry have also gone digital.

Although the pandemic shook the wedding industry hard, wedding planners, dress makers, and everyone else involved made lemonade out of the lemons they were dished and turned the industry on its head.

One of the biggest industry evolutions came with the merging of the traditional wedding (including all of its planning) and the web.

The Hybrid Wedding

Up until this point in history, weddings had not seen all that much modernisation. Sure, the wedding dresses became a bit more extravagant and the venues became a whole lot fancier, but the actual planning and reception was still done in person and according to the same procedures that had been followed for years before.

In just a single year, so much has changed that we can safely say that along with traditional weddings, we now also have the hybrid wedding.

There are many forms the hybrid wedding can take but the most important part is that certain things are done remotely, via the web.

And couples the world over are embracing this new and sometimes more convenient way of planning a wedding.

What can be moved to the virtual world?

Just about everything aside from the actual wedding can be moved online. Most couples would want to be wed in front of their religious leader or local magistrate, with their most beloved with them, but many don’t mind taking part in virtual dress fittings, cake tastings and receptions.

Not only does doing these things online mean it is safer for everyone (as we continue with the COVID waves) but in many cases it is also saving couples both time and money. There is no longer the need to rush to appointments, cutting into busy work days or time off and creating more stress, and there is also the financial side, as virtual appointments can cost far less when compared to the more conventional types.

Some of the ways you can turn your nuptials into a hybrid occasion include:

  1. Taking a virtual wedding venue tour. 3D virtual tours are incredibly popular right now and they will give you a unique perspective of what’s on offer.
  2. Consult with your vendor virtually. Floralists, photographers, and event arrangement staff can all be met over the web to discuss your expectations and desires.
  3. Live streaming the wedding. Popular even before COVID, live streaming a wedding is a great way to ensure no one misses out on the big day.


Photo Credit: Simone Photography & MK Events