Why we love working in the wedding industry

Feb 17 , 2020

Why we love working in the wedding industry

The glitz, the glamour and the love, the wedding industry has so much goodness to offer those who choose it as their professional path. We’ve been working in the industry for a long time and although we’ve possibly seen it all, we never tire of the work we do and having the opportunity to meet new people and play a role in their special day never gets old.


There are a number of reasons why we continue to find plenty of enjoyment and fulfilment while working in the world of weddings, these are just a few:


  • We thrive on the creativity

Working alongside immensely creative people in some of the most beautiful settings allows us the perfect opportunity to flex our own creative juices. With each new couple we work with, new ideas can set off creative fireworks while we also have the chance to learn something we might not have known the day before.


Aside from this, working with gorgeous wedding dresses is another perk of the job that we can’t get enough of. As new lines are launched, we are often fortunate enough to be among the first people to get that exciting first glimpse.


  • We love meeting new people

With people getting married all throughout the year, we are lucky enough to be constantly meeting new people. Each person we meet is unlike any other we’ve met before and every couple is going to have a wedding that is a representation of their personalities. We have the great privilege of helping brides from all walks of life to embrace their style and find the wedding gown that is the perfect representation of who they are. 


Being in this industry also means working one on one with each person who comes into our boutique and forming a bond with them. We will never get enough of the feelings that come with knowing we are helping someone to plan one of the most important days of their lives.


  • We bring visions to life

There is something quite amazing about being involved in the process of bringing someone else’s dreams to life. From the planning process to the seeing it all come together, there is something special about being a part of the team.


  • We Love, Love

Although the industry can be quite stressful at times, at the end of the day our industry revolves around love. Knowing that every day we’ll be surrounded by happy people about to celebrate their loving commitment to one another is a feeling like no other.

Photograph Credit: Van Luke